Build a relationship with your dog
Build a relationship with your dog

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Learn more about K9 Nose Work
Learn more about K9 Nose Work

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The more you learn, the more you understand
The more you learn, the more you understand

About Me

Megan Wallace, B.S., CPDT-KA, CNWI, CCUI Megan has been training dogs since age 11 when she attempted to certify her family dogs as therapy dogs. While the family dogs were a bit old to pursue...

Group Classes

All of Megan’s group training classes will now be held through Loveland’s newest dog training facility, NoCo Unleashed, owned by herself and her business partner Victoria Kander. Megan and Victoria are excited to bring the...

Deciphering Problem Behaviors

I help frustrated and frazzled owners of opinionated dogs gain understanding and control in their lives with their dogs. I do this by implementing my proven system, which involves simple, achievable training exercises you and...

Translate Dog to Human

Have you ever wished your dog could speak to you? The truth is they can, you just need a translator. That’s where I come in – Dogs Deciphered is a translator service for you and your dog. Finally, you will be able to explain what you want from your dog, and you will be able to understand what your dog is trying to tell you. The result? A happy, harmonious home for you and your best friend.

Megan is a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor!

For many years now, Megan has been following and learning from Leslie McDevitt, the author of the Control Unleashed series. Control Unleashed is a systematic...
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Virtual Consultations for a New World

It's pretty apparent by now that the world has changed drastically in the last month or so. At first, many thought we could be back...
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We Bought a House!

Our first house guest, Delta, with Fawkes and Lucy sleeping in the background. Dogs are allowed on the furniture here! My husband James and I...
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Solving the Puzzle of Your Dog

Does your dog’s behavior feel like a puzzle you can’t solve? I love to solve difficult puzzles! With Dogs Deciphered, we will work together until we have discovered the answers you are looking for. Ease your frustrations with professional coaching in solving your dog’s trickiest behavior mysteries.

What is Foundational Training?

For years, training dogs has focused on training specific behaviors, put on...
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Sweet Relief

While watching the latest stand-up special from one of my favorite comedians,...
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Should I Get a Puppy?

Adding a new dog to your family is a very exciting time,...
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The Danger of the Average

As a dog trainer, a significant part of my career focuses on...
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Embrace the Change

Are we holding our dogs back from making the progress we seek?...
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Learn About Your Amazing Dog

Are you interested in learning more about your dog’s amazing abilities? Dogs Deciphered brings you K9 Nose Work® classes to help you tap in to your dog’s instinctual drive to hunt. By learning how to read your dog in a search, you will learn about canine olfaction and behavior. This activity helps shy dogs gain confidence, and wild dogs to control themselves, all dogs will benefit!

When it comes to helping dogs and their humans, experience and education both matter. I have been working with dogs my entire life, and have been employed in the pet industry for 15+ years. My degree in Biology from Colorado State University taught me to use a scientific approach to my work, and honed my critical thinking skills. Keeping up-to-date with continuing education within my field allows me to refine my approach to meet your individual needs.

Training is all about deepening the bond with our dogs through communication. (photo by Tails and Trails Photography)

Two-Way Communication With Your Dog

Dogs and humans co-evolved to live and work together. This is why my approach focuses on two-way communication. By building a strong foundation of cooperation, we can learn to work together with our dogs toward common goals. The Dogs Deciphered philosophy is based on modern, dog-friendly methods that are presented in a straight-forward manner that you will be able to understand and implement.