Dogs Deciphered LLC, based in beautiful Loveland, CO is here to help you find understanding with your dog. Trainer, Megan Wallace, B.S., CPDT-KA, CNWI, strives to offer the most innovative solutions for living a better life with your dog. Using modern, dog-friendly training techniques, she will help you communicate with your dog so that you can have a harmonious relationship.

In-Home Services

Megan will come to your home to help you solve your most puzzling problems, or get your new dog or puppy started on the right path. She will teach you simple exercises that will build your relationship with your dog, by teaching your dog the skills they need to live in your world.

  • Behavior modification – Can’t quite figure out why the dog does that? Get your biggest problems deciphered today! Get help with the following behaviors:
    • Fear/anxieties including separation anxiety
    • Leash reactivity
    • Destructive behavior
    • Aggression toward dogs or humans
    • Any behavior that is impacting your’s or your dog’s quality of life!
  • In-home manners – Brush up on skills in the dog’s own environment, such as polite greetings, coming when called, leash walking, and impulse control.
  • Day training – Have the dog(s) trained while you work! Megan will work with your dogs two to three times a week, and then once a week with you to transfer those skills to you.

In-Home Training starts with a consultation where Megan will take a thorough history, discuss all of your concerns, and most importantly your training goals. Megan will give you insight as to why your dog might be exhibiting any behavior problems you are experiencing, and recommend a training plan that will help you meet your goals.

I have two options for consultations:

  • 30 minute phone/Zoom meeting consultation – FREE
  • 60 minute in-home consultation – $75

All in-home clients will start off with my Foundations Package, which will develop the skills needed for any additional training goals or behavior modification. The Foundations Package is $500, and includes 4, 1 hour private sessions in your home, handouts to help guide your progress between sessions, and remote phone and email help between sessions. After the Foundations Package, we will discuss what additional training might be needed to help you reach your goals.

I offer an additional 10% off for adopters of local rescues with whom I have partnered. If your dog is adopted from a local rescue, and we are not currently partnered with them, let them know to contact me so that you and other adopters can save on training!

Serving the Northern Colorado area, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Johnstown, Timnath, Severence, Wellington, and surrounding areas.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Megan,email or call 970-988-8618 today!

Group classes

Dogs Deciphered strives to offer innovative specialty classes for owners who want to do more with their dogs. Class sizes are limited to ensure that each dog and handler team gets the individual attention they deserve. Check out the Calendar page to see the current class schedule. If you have an interest that isn’t listed here, let me know, I’m always open to adding new classes! To enroll in any class, email me at

Currently Offering:

K9 Nose Work®

Classes held at locations in Fort Collins and Loveland

Your dog has an amazing nose, why not put it to good use? K9 Nose Work® was developed by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW), and the founders long time experience with professional narcotics and explosives scent detection dogs paved the way for an engaging sport for all dogs and their people. The training method is based off professional detection dog training, and is designed to build your dog’s hunt drive, and then build value for a target odors. NACSW, as well as several other organizations (UKC, USCSS, AKC, and more) offer Nose/Scent Work trials to test dog’s ability to communicate to the handler that they have found one of their target odors.

Nose Work is appropriate for dogs of all ages, I have started puppies as young as 9 weeks, and dogs as old as 13 years! The instinctual nature of the sport reaches all dogs, from the most rambunctious to the shy wallflower. Dogs work individually, so classes are open to dogs who are reactive to other dogs. Accommodations can be made for dogs who are fearful or reactive toward people, and many of these dogs make huge improvements through continued Nose Work.

You and your dog will learn the ins-and-outs of K9 Nose Work through the Intro Series, including building your dog’s search skills, learning to read your dog’s search behavior, and how competitions work. Each level is 6 weeks, and will cover all the skills needed to join the Masters of Scent class where teams can practice for competition or experience new challenges.

Intro to Nose Work – Dogs will learn the basics of searching for a primary reinforcer – food, or a favorite toy.

Intro to Vehicles and Exteriors – We will expand the dog’s search skills to exterior locations, including vehicles searches, both of which are aspects of competition, and challenge your dog’s skills.

Intro to Odor – Dogs will learn the value of their target odor, and gain confidence searching for it in a variety of locations, and communication with the handler.

Cost $180.00 per 6 week session

Masters of Scent is a continuing, advanced level Nose Work class for those teams who want increasing challenges, including practice for competition at all levels. Focus will be on handler skills, odor obedience, and team skill building. Instructor approval required, must complete all 3 classes in the Intro Series or equivalent with another instructor.

Advanced Nose Work Drop-ins also available. Email to be added to the drop-in list.

Dog Parkour Drop-ins

Dog Parkour was derived from the human sport of parkour, developed by the International Dog Parkour Association. These drop-in classes will be held at various parks in Fort Collins and Loveland. Dogs will learn to use their bodies in new ways, explore their environments, and gain confidence!

Prerequisites: Dogs must be able to work in the proximity of other dogs.

If you would like to be added to the drop-in list, email

Control Unleashed

Based on the popular book Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt, this class teaches over-excited, distracted, and impulsive dogs the skills they need to navigate the world. Through fun exercises modified to the needs of each specific dog in class, dogs will learn to focus on their handlers in distracting situations, while handlers learn how to adapt these exercises to every day life.

Prerequisites: Instructor approval required, please contact me at if you are interested in this class.

Cost is $200/7 week class.

Therapy Dog Prep

This class is geared toward anyone who has thought about doing therapy work with their dog. We will cover all the behaviors needed to pass any of the major therapy dog certifications, as well as discuss topics including: deciding what kind of therapy work is right for you and your dog, managing stress, and being and advocate for your dog in a therapy setting.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be friendly toward humans, and must have completed a basic level obedience class, or demonstrate the ability to walk nicely on leash and focus on their handler in proximity to other dogs.

Cost $180.00/6 week class. Email megan@dogsdeciphered if you are interested in this class.